Undercover is a nu-disco & house act from Brooklyn, New York, made up of Joe Thompson & GREG SCARNICI.  With Undercover, Joe and Greg are creating a mix of disco, house and soul, influenced by NYC's disco and freestyle movement in the 80's and the grooves of early 90's house - music that played during block parties in Canarsie, on WBLS' Mix at Six, and at clubs like Tunnel and Palladium.

Influences include Shep Pettibone, Giorgio Moroder, SOS Band, Azari & III, Pet Shop Boys, Steve “Silk Hurley” and more.

Their debut album was released on July 10th, 2012, and is available on ITUNES and AMAZON.  

Undercover’s first single, "You're Turning Me On", featured remixes from Joe Cole, Austin Downey, John Rizzo & others is available on ITUNES and AMAZON.  The music video for “You’re Turning Me On” features cameos from Downtown DJ, Josh Sparber and porn star, Jake Deckard.  The song made it’s debut in Provincetown at the A house, when legendary DJ, David Lasalle dropped it on a Saturday night.

Undercover’s second single, “Your Lovin’ Touch” is also available on ITUNES and AMAZON.  The music video features porn star, Vito Gallo and NYC vogue sensations, Justin Gomez from the House of Khan and Omari TipTon Welles, from the House of Mizrahi and Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.  The song was licensed by DMX Music Services and played at Abercrombie and Fitch stores across the nation and on Sirius Radio.   

Undercover’s third single, “After Dark” is also available on ITUNES and AMAZON.  The music video features porn star, Colby Keller and hip hop upstart, Ricka-shay.  The Remix EP features mixes from Jamie J Sanchez, Austin Downey, Bill Pfeiffer and more. 

You can connect with Undercover via the social networking icons at the top of this page or directly: undercovermusic @ yahoo.com


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